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What To Look For In A SaaS Marketer

I’ve seen a lot of founders get burned by marketing agencies promising returns on their social media campaigns only to have their money go to waste and their trust broken. I get both sad and furious when I hear about these stories because founders wasted the opportunity to hire someone competent and these agencies ruin the market.

Breaking trust is worse than money wasted.

Since a lot of founders are more tech savvy than social, I made a quick checklist to make the marketing process easier on you. These are qualities you want to see in a SaaS marketer and some of the tactics they should be running.

Do They Care About Your Target Audience?

This first sign can tell you whether they actually care about your success or if they’re just trying to get a quick dollar. Most of the conversation should be about you and who your ideal customers are. Because no matter what marketers tell you what important KPI’s are, the bottom line is the marketing efforts should bring in revenue. Marketers should be seen as an asset, not an expense.

The only way you can market to an audience is if you know how they think. What are their goals and challenges? What are their fears? But the most important question you need to answer is, “What does success look like for them?”

They should know how your audience thinks and what they react to. They need to be able to speak to them in their language and about things that interest them.

Are They Knowledgeable In Your Specific Niche?

As we focus on the SaaS startups, we are constantly learning about what drives them and what they need to help them get to their goals. Focusing on one industry will give you more time to build relationships with the right people and get to know them better. There’s simply not enough hours in the day to understand different audiences in different industries, so it’s best to stick to one niche until you know them better than your own family.



How Often Do They Communicate?

Communication and collaboration is the key to success. Marketers need to stay aligned with the sales department as well as the VP’s and founders. It should be the marketers engaging in the communication, not founders chasing them and asking how everything is going.

Monthly reports aren’t enough. We usually report twice per week by either phone or email and have actual conversations of what is happening and what we want to accomplish going further.

Do They Offer The Services You Actually Need?

The marketer’s strength should be where you need it. If you’re trying to build your brand on social media, find someone who understands them to deliver the right copy, to the right people, in a way that seems like regular content for that platform.

Don’t fall for agencies saying you should only do SEO or other internet ads. Find what your company needs to build a respected brand and create a campaign to rollout on whichever you choose.

Are They Data Driven?

A great marketer needs to understand the data, communicate it to you in simple english, and create a strategy based on the data given. Both social media and SEO have analytics for you to view to help you in your strategies.

These platforms want you to do well, so don’t ignore the data. They’re smarter than you, so don’t go against the grain with some big idea you have. Trust the data and see where you can take it from there.

What Do You Look For In A Marketer?

What does your company need the most from a SaaS marketer? Let us know and we’ll help you where you need it most.