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SaaS Marketing tips for 2019

SaaS marketers have been running into a common problem. They’re just not able to connect with their audience at all. Mostly because they are advertising their own product features instead of what the customer really wants to hear. Your audience wants to know how is it going to help them and why they should even pay attention to your ad.

You’re not producing any dopamine in their brain when you run ads bragging about yourself. Here’s the top five tips for SaaS marketing campaigns in 2019.

It’s All About Customer Experience

When you get a customer, you want to keep them forever. Creating the best experience possible for them is what will convince them to stay. When Bill Macaitis was the CMO of Slack, he always cared about his customers and was focused on the Net Promoter Score, which basically measures the loyalty of a brand’s customer relationships. Every interaction you have with your customers is a marketing opportunity in itself.

These days only the passionate, most personalized brands that really connect with customers will last. It’s not enough to just bring someone to your website, get a free trial, and hopefully 10% of them convert to a paid subscription. You want their experience to be smooth and exciting enough for them to recommend it to other people. Can you imagine how many times Lyft or Slack was referred to someone by their friends or colleagues? This is what you want for your SaaS if your software is as much a relief for people as your ads claims it is.

Align Your Ads With The Buyer’s Journey

Retargeting has been a very popular strategy, but most marketers do it in a creepy and intrusive way. You should show them what they want, when they need it. It’s up to you to know where they are in the whole “shopping experience” of your product.

For example, if they have been to your website but haven’t viewed your products, show them content that provides info and highlights how your product can help them in their day to day.

If they have viewed your product page, run a lifestyle ad that shows your product in real life and the benefits it brings. The point is to give them highly relevant content at the right time to build trust and get them to engage.

Interactive Content Marketing

I can only imagine all the noise and clutter of people’s timeline when they scroll past the same type of ad being forced onto them. “With our product, you get this feature….sign up now!”

They are all just text and images with a CTA to a free trial. You’re trying to get a commitment out of the audience without getting them excited about anything. No wonder they’re just scrolling past, what value did you give them? How would they know your product is right for them?

With Interactive Content, you can make polls and surveys to post on your blog or social media. With surveys and quizzes, you can get to know your customer better which then allows you to segment your audiences and provide different pieces for each group. It also allows you to have conversations with customers that makes it feel like a win-win situation. Here’s an example of a survey about Facebook marketing.

Build Social Proof That Stands Out

Out of all the software online, why should yours be the one they sign up for? How are you going to convince them of this? I mean, your competition is way ahead of you in terms of growth and they have a lot more funding.

It’s your job to outsmart and outwork the bigger brands. You can do this by front loading the work and producing content that both connects with your audience and establishes your authority in the industry.

The Content Marketing Institute found that social media content is B2B marketers’ preferred method of paid traffic with 84% of B2B marketers using social media to promote their brand.

Creative ways in which you provide value either through written, video, or interactive content will bring more brand awareness than any amount of spammy paid traffic.

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