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3 Questions To Answer Before Marketing Your SaaS

Brands that don’t make an effort to provide the best customer experience are hurting themselves in the long term. Buyers now have thousands of choices to choose from, which puts them in control and allows you to maneuver in ways to help yourself stand out from your competitors.

The best asset to build in marketing is trust!

Here’s 3 questions your team should answer before you start spending all that ad money.

What does success look like for your customer?

Before you start pitching your product, think about the benefits it brings to the user. You want to clearly communicate how it improves their daily lives.

The more you explain your benefits to the customer, the more trust you build. As you keep in touch with your audience, they are spending more time getting familiar with your brand and less searching for your competition.

If you want your message to keep people’s attention at scale, then continue to let them know you have their self interest in mind. This is where it’s crucial to have sales, marketing, and product teams working towards the same goal.

You’re essentially building a partnership with your customers. If they know your product continues to help them and you’re there for support, then they will continue to use your product. Focusing on customer success puts you at an advantage as it is an effective way of reducing churn.

CEO of Adobe, Shantanu Narayen, said on an earnings call that reducing churn is the new growth hack. 

Why are you the ONLY solution?

Most startups can’t relate to their audience. They’re not getting any emotion out of them by only talking about their own product features.

That doesn’t get people excited about your product. What gets people excited is their burning pains being relieved.

Understand what their problem is and highlight how much it is affecting them. Listen to what they are saying, let them know you understand why they’re feeling this way, and present your solution in a way that answers all their questions and shows what your competition is missing.

Communicate to them a scenario that puts them as the protagonist. Your message should clearly show the difference between between their current status and how much your product changes it.

When you do this, they will see you as the authority and only solution to fix their pain point.



What Are Your Unique Marketing Opportunities?

Understand where your product-market fit is to see where you can take advantage of opportunities that your competitors can’t.

You may be marketing to a specific niche while your competition’s audience is generalized. When this happens you can personalize your content to make it more engaging to that specific audience.

There is always a different angle you can take from your competition. See what gaps are in the market and interact with people there to find their needs and pain points.

Usually these audiences are not aware of a solution to their problem. Top of the funnel interactive content can be an engaging piece to get them familiar with your brand.

Still Think You’re Ready To Start?

If you have addressed these questions and are confident in your marketing campaigns, whether outreach or inbound, you’re ready to spend your ad dollars wisely.

Following these principles will make every penny work like a dollar and help improve churn rates and customer lifetime value. And that’s the key to success in SaaS marketing for today’s market.

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