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3 Examples of Successful SaaS Branding

The market for B2B SaaS products is finally maturing and is focusing on brand. With SaaS being a winner takes most industry, branding is the one aspect that can put you ahead of others in building a community of loyal customers.

Take Shopify’s definition of branding for example:

“Branding is all of the ways you establish an image of your company in your customers’ eyes.”

Every interaction you have with your audience is a chance to build your brand. It goes beyond growth hacking and lead generation, brands need to help solve people’s problems and present it in a way that draws the audience in a way that keeps them focused on your product and not your competitors.

Pushy advertisements and declining organic reach isn’t helping your brand at all. Here’s 3 SaaS companies that have done well with branding and has encouraged word-of-mouth marketing through their efforts.

Slack And Their Customer Experience Obsession

Slack knew they had an efficient product to solve people’s problems with email. When they jumped into the market to validate their platform, they highlighted the pain point and built trust with engaging customers.

The team at Slack didn’t use typical growth hacks you see on most blog posts and vlogs, instead they captivated audiences with feedback from their community. Not customers, but their community of users who felt the product was made for them.

While everyone else fakes (or pays for) their testimonials on their website, Slack built up social proof with their “Wall of Love” on Twitter for everyone to share their experience with the app. All these mentions from respected figures in the industry took them to celebrity status in the SaaS industry.

Slack’s marketing vision was set out to do everything to ensure positive brand perception and customer success. They wanted each customer to stay with them for life. Only way to do this was to ensure the users feel appreciated by the brand and gave away so much value that the users couldn’t live without them.

Drift Wanting More Real-Time Conversations

Drift wanted to have more conversations with customers to provide a better overall experience. They know every company has a blog, podcast, and contact forms on their website, so they knew they had to change the playbook for acquiring customers.

As customers have many choices for software in each category, Drift knew that brand is the only thing to drive demand. In B2B, that means being more real, authentic, and human to build social proof and connect with people. It’s a way to let people know you actually care about helping, not just getting the sale.

Their content highlighting the benefits of their conversational platform has been helpful for companies to establish a brand similar to theirs. Their directions are simple and let people know that it’s easier to be yourself than to write fiction.

Trello Encouraging The Future Of Remote Workers

Trello’s culture has been embracing the future of B2B workers, which is remote. It’s been a big part of their culture and branding efforts. With their product having a clean interface and user experience being easy to use, it’s been one of the best project management softwares out.

In Trello’s case, an amazing, helpful product was their marketing. The product was much needed and so helpful to companies that word of mouth generated both online and offline and they were instantly recommending the product to friends and family.

They also provide content on their blog and social media that companies most likely to use the product find helpful. Everybody wins in this situation. Trello focuses on their product and with customers doing the marketing for them, it lowers their overall expenses.

What Are Your Thoughts On Branding?

Does your team put an emphasis on branding as much as these startups? Let us know and we’ll help you with your efforts of growing your audience.